So I started reading, writing, and over-collecting books at an early age and just rolled with it. I've always been interested in important things that are suppressed, ignored, or simply forgotten, so those became my themes. Working for years with suppressed info (in my books and The Memory Hole) got too depressing, so I switched to my other lifelong interests.

Major interests include poetry, classic literature, comics, art, books, quotations, love, sex, erotica, death & dying, mysticism, meaning, synchronicity, alcohol, food, official secrecy, hidden history. Specific obsessions include cats & dogs, old-school daiquiris, Ernest Hemingway, carnivorism, Catholic iconography, the fourth chakra, ties, moments of transcendence and/or grace, books that obsessively cover a single ultra-narrow topic, and authentic, meaningful pop culture (yes, there is such a thing). I can't focus completely on any one thing for too long. My personal brand is a mess.

("Don’t be a well-rounded person. Be a jaggedy-edged, pointy, acute-angled person." —Steven Rambam)

My email is my name (as one word) at Gmail.

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