"One of the most ambitious [projects] in the history of the graphic medium.... The Graphic Canon continues to be an enrapturing experience... a vibrant, feverish dance through some of the best parts of our artistic history." —Paste magazine

“Kick’s passionate introductions anchor the collection, appearing before every adaptation and setting writer and artist in context. And they're central to the anthology's purpose: to entertain, but also to broaden the mind, to foist James Joyce on people who never got beyond Buck Mulligan, to nudge lovers of literature to pick up a graphic novel or three.”—London Guardian

"The Graphic Canon is an astounding literary and art project, instigated by legendary crusading editor, publisher, anthologist and modern Renaissance Man Russ Kick, which endeavours to interpret the world’s great books through the eyes of masters of crusading sequential narrative in an eye-opening synthesis of modes and styles."—Win Wiacek, Now Read This! / comicsreview.co.uk

"Bold, brilliant. . . . By turns playful and beautiful, this visual treatment is more than entertainment; it offers a new perspective for understanding these enduring works.”—Reader’s Digest

The Graphic Canon is absolutely the most ambitious book I’ve picked up this year.”—Newsday

“These three volumes are genuinely things of beauty—lush, gorgeous, dazzling visual recreations of the literary works we (at least of a certain generation) devoured.... Russ Kick is an inspired genius. Or maybe a genius inspired. Whatever way, you will not forget The Graphic Canon.”—Counterpunch

“If you took a Norton Anthology of Literature and converted it into comics, the result would be something like The Graphic Canon…. It takes time to read this book, but it is a book worth taking time over." —The Comics Journal

“Verdict: Russ Kick brings it on home—to the home library—with style.”—Austin Chronicle