In this overlapping companion to the sections “Living” and “Self,” the quotes on well-being tend to focus on physical, mental, and financial health. There are tips and thoughts on eating, drinking, crying, suffering, simplifying and slowing down, and handling money (or the lack thereof). There are some random bits of advice in the mix, as well as thoughts on advice itself. A small sampling of the quotes:

Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.
—Gelett Burgess

The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant, systematic duplicity. Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike, and rejoice at what bring you nothing but misfortune.
—Boris Pasternak

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.
—Ann Wigmore

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.
—Sylvia Plath

In wine, there is the truth.
—Pliny the Elder

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
—Ernest Hemingway

Drunkenness is temporary suicide.
—Bertrand Russell

Are you aware that rushing toward a goal is a sublimated death wish? It’s no coincidence we call them “deadlines.”
—Tom Robbins

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
―Lin Yutang

You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.
―John Maxwell

I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes.
―Edna St. Vincent Millay

Considering how dangerous everything is nothing is really very frightening.
—Gertrude Stein

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
—Paulo Coelho

We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it in full.
—Marcel Proust

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.
―Washington Irving

The things you own end up owning you.
—Chuck Palahniuk

Poverty is no disgrace to a man, but it is confoundedly inconvenient.
—Sydney Smith

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
—Jackie French Koller